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Rory Williams - The Last Centurion

The Boy Who Waited

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Rory Williams(a.k.a. the boy who waited) and his wife Amy Pond are companions of the Doctor, traveling through time and space aboard the TARDIS. Rory was first introduced to the Doctor when he and Amy were both children. Amy would make up stories and games around the "Raggedy Doctor" she had encountered one fateful night, and Rory would often participate, believing the Doctor to be a figment of Amy's imagination. Rory was shocked to discover that the Doctor was real when the Time Lord finally returned to visit Amy.

After his first encounter with the Doctor, Rory began reading up on theoretical physics, and was not surprised about the oddities of travel within the TARDIS when the Doctor eventually invited him to join the crew. Rory and Amy had been engaged prior to the Doctor's return, and the two of them used their time-traveling adventures to indefinitely postpone their wedding day. Rory was killed and his existence erased from history during one adventure, but he was eventually resurrected, first as a plastic duplicate and later as a human being when the Doctor restarted the Universe. While a plastic duplicate, Rory showed uncommon devotion to Amy by guarding the Pandorica box in which she was trapped for almost 2000 years, an act that impressed even the Doctor, and becoming to be the last centurion.

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